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Surviving Winter: Prepare Yourself and Your Car for Winter


Those of us that live in the northern part of the United States are fully aware that winter does not wait until the official date of December 21st to show itself with a foot or two of snow, or a couple of inches of thick ice on the roads.
With that thought in mind, we start packing our winter survival kits sometime in October. I use a large duffel bag and put the following items in it.


Things to do:

I have my ski pants, an extra warm sweater, extra mittens, stocking cap packed.

When I have to travel for my job, I take an extra set of clothing with me.

I carry an extra blanket for each passenger that normally travels with me.

I have some bottled water and nutrition bars packed (you can use any kind of non-perishable food you choose). Try to pack something nutritious like dried fruit or nuts.

Keep a flashlight in your car, with some extra fresh batteries in your survival kit.

Also, pack any first aid items and personal items you will need.

Not only do I keep my cell phone with me, but I also have a recharging cord plugged into my cigarette lighter. Since I don’t smoke, I can use it for a different purpose.

Make sure you have a shovel, set of tire chains, jumper cables, and flare kit in your car.

There are also steps you should take before the bad weather hits that will help to get your car in good running order.

Make sure all the lights on your car are working properly

Check to see that your car has the correct amount of anti-freeze for the winter temperatures in your area.

Tires on your car need to have good tread. Put snow tires on if necessary.

It is very important that the brakes on your car are working properly.

Use windshield de-icer solution in your car’s windshield washer solution tank. Also, make sure the wipers are in good shape.

Give your car a good tune-up to insure optimal performance.

After traveling on roads that have been sanded, etc, wash your vehicle as soon as you can.

You may think that you have time to put these little tasks off until later, but just remember two things.

Winter doesn’t always wait until December to come. Up here, we have had huge blizzards on Halloween.


You may think it is silly or a pain in the neck to take these steps to prepare yourself for winter, but I am living proof that you need to be prepared for the unexpected. A human life is worth more than the time it takes to prepare you and your car for the winter.

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